Cykelero's Projects


About the website

Every project listed on this website has its own, unique appeal. If you find one that really doesn't tickle your interest, then try and look at another one; from games, to technical experiments, to handy tools, there probably is something for you here.
When you're on a project page, feel free to use the subject links at the bottom to find more similar projects. The friendly Browse page will happily find relevant projects for your enjoyment.

About me

As you can tell by what is going on around here, my main hobby is programming. I've been using Flash for years, to create games and various experiments, but I'm now more into Web development: tasting the magic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The latter having become my favorite language by far, having all this flexibility, this power.
I also got into drawing characters for some time now, but because of the limited extent of my skill you probably won't see much online. Read: you don't want to see that.


For direct contact, you can send me an email, whether it's about the website, development in general, or today's weather, and I'll be happy to answer your rain-related concerns.
Alternatively, you can find me on Twitter.